How can I get bigger boobs?


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If you are much under 18, then wait - you cannot be sure yet  what mother nature has in store for you. If you are much over 18 the chances are that there is nothing more that is likely to change. You either have to be happy in the body that you have (and big boobs are not always attractive) or have a hamfisted plastic surgeon, like the one that advertises in here sometimes, insert lumps of chemical into you.
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Hun, we all have insecurities and problems within oneself but, come on... Me and you both know that this question was silly. Maybe you should seek surgery, which cost ...ALOT of money, maybe try pills that enhance breast growth( consult your doctor/parent FIRST,(you wouldn't want any bad side effects), stuff tissue in your bra. Lol jkjk, just a little joke,but really. Love yourself for who you are. Why try to enhance your body parts, LOVE yourself.
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Eat more food.
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anaya asad
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I know that we should love our bodies but this does'nt helps. Circular breast massages helps.Arm circulation,push-ups helps to increase or enlarge ur pectoralis muscle which is the breast muscle i searched earlier so the food that you need is
soy or soy milk
saw palmetto
fennel and sesame seed
fresh fruits and reduce carbohydrate
caffeine,cheese and preservatives

hope this helps
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Birth control contains hormones that may increase your cup size.
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-Weight gain

I know you probably don't want to hear this, but you shouldn't feel bad about how small your bust is. If you're doing this for guy, please KICK HIM TO THE CURB. Breasts are there to provide nourishment for babies. Unfortunately, our society has turned big breasts into desirable features that make women more "feminine." Small breasts look better in young age AND in old age. They will not sag too much, cause you back problems, interfere in sports and physical activities, and they look way better than plastic, mammoth-mammaries. 

Small breasts are way more feminine. And you don't always have to wear a bra for extra support!

Love your body.
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Getting pregnant is the most efficent way I guess but not always the easiest. Some say that massaging your boobs can stimulate growth and some vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, C and E and minerals such as Zinc, Selenium and Folic Acid have also been known to stimulate growth.

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