Could Stress Stop Your Period From Coming On?


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Along with a number of reasons, yes, stress could stop your period from coming.

Your body is extremely sensitive to any internal changes and can respond in the most drastic of ways. There is no set amount of stress that you have to be under in order for your periods to stop, as each woman is different and will therefore register and react to stress differently.

Think hard about any major changes that are currently going on in your life and evaluate whether or not you think this could be causing you a great deal of stress. Are you moving house? Are you having problems in your relationship? Do you have exams coming up? Are you going for a job interview or giving a big speech? Only you can determine the level of stress you are under. Put it this way, if there is something that is always on your mind or is keeping you away at night, then it will be enough to mess with your hormones. If you already know for a fact that you are under a lot of stress then this is most likely the cause of your missed period.

There are also other factors, aside from pregnancy, that can make you miss your menstrual cycle. Losing a lot of weight quickly, putting on a lot of weight, exercise, drastic diet changes, or new medication that you have been put on.

The important thing is that you should try not to worry about missing your period. I know this is easier said than done but chances are you are only making the situation worse by adding more stress. If it is really worrying you, then make an appointment to see your Doctor who will tell you the cause of your missed period (this may involve a couple of tests) and then will tell you what you need to correct to regulate them again.
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YES! It can make it come sooner or later off and on. Try not let thing bother you were it effect your body ladies we got to take care of our self a lot better. We betta LOVE ourSELVES! Not just on the Outer but the inter self.
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If you are VERY stressed then yes, your period can stop. There are also other reasons your period can stop besides pregnancy. Weight gain, weight loss, sickness, or disease can also cause a stop. There are also other reasons but I don't know all of them. I would ask a doctor.
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Yes, stress causes several irregularities on your cycles. I would not be worried and try to reduce the stress so things can happen naturally.
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Give it another week. Try not to think about it. Harder said then done. But please try to let it go. Stress and not eating properly can make your period go away or at least make it late. In a week if it still not come take another test. If it is still negative call your doctor. There are other medical reasons this could be happening.
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Most definately. Why are you stressed?
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Knowing from experience stress will not stop your period it will slow it down and tend to go off track but don't worry it happens to every woman
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Stress can cause hormone imbalance which has effect on a woman's periods.In some cases one can miss having her periods or you can get heavy periods that last for a longer time.An oral contraceptive pill can be a solution depending on your doctor's advice.Relax, do more excise and get nutrients in the right quantities,I believe this will help you.
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I think it makes it stop mine was suppose to start December 19 and its December 23 and I still don't have. I have been streesing the whole month about cause I am going swimming on December 24, 25, and 26 so the more you worry and stress the more late it will be. But if you miss it this month it may be heavier next month
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This is second day of period and well I'm extremely stressed work and bills are due and well its stopped nothing do you think if I calm down ill go back to normal

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