When You Are On Your Period, Can You Bleed To Death?


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When a woman has a period, she is not actually bleeding in the way that we normally expect bleeding to be. What is happening is that the lining of the uterus thickens each month in expectation of being implanted with a fertilised egg, and for a pregnancy to occur. If this does not happen, the thickened uttering wall sloughs away, and menstruation takes place.

Ordinarily, this ‘bleeding’ lasts for around four or five days, and even though it can be very heavy, you cannot bleed to death as a result of it.

It is possible though for some medical conditions to make it appear as if you are having a period when in fact there is something far more serious going on, and you could be having a haemorrhage. This is potentially very dangerous because the loss of blood means that your body is becoming depleted of red blood cells, and, therefore oxygen, which is vital for survival.

If you have any suspicion that your period is not usual, for example, it is much heavier than it normally is, or it is lasting far longer than normal, then you should not hesitate, but seek medical help so the reason for this abnormal bleeding can be discovered and rectified. If you are unable to get an appointment with your GP immediately, you should go to the hospital to get checked.

If you are haemorrhaging, it will not stop on its own and you must get help. You will become seriously anaemic, which can lead to many other serious health problems.

The other concern besides the effects of the extensive bleeding is what is causing it in the first place; this really needs to be checked out and you can’t afford to hang around to see what will happen next.
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You are NOT having a period... You are HEMORRHAGING!! It is not possible to have a period that lasts  for 3 months. The headaches, tiredness and inability to maintain body temperature are all signs of acute trauma induced Iron deficiency anemia. You wont actually bleed to death but your body is starving for oxygen. You have such a reduced amount of iron in your red blood cells that you can't transport the needed oxygen to all your organs and tissues. If you don't get to a trauma center or emergency room as soon as possible you could die. There is something wrong for you to bleed for that long. The clotting is your body's way of trying to control the bleeding, but you need HELP   NOW !! The bleeding will not stop on its own. At this point your normal red cells are gone and are replaced with abnormal red cells that are not able to hold and transport the needed iron. I wish I could see what your CBC is and see  the morphology of your red cells. From what little information you have given, It sounds like exactly the patient CBC I did just this afternoon. PLEASE.... Go to a doctor NOW... You may not have a later. I will check back to see your progress... Good luck hon.
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Yes I  almost did stephanie smith
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No it is not possible to bleed to death but it is a very irregular period and it is good that you have set an appointment but they are very behind if they only have an appointment at the end of the month. 
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Maria's right. Jeez... Can't believe you waited this long to try and see a doctor. I'd be off my head by now! Good luck.
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No you can not bleed yourself to death

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