What Is Discharge?


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The word discharge is commonly used in English as both a verb and a noun. From a philological perspective it can be traced back to the Latin word discarriare, which consists of the Latin word carriare which was a verb meaning 'to load', and the prefix 'dis-' . The English word can be seen as originating from the Middle English word dischargen and may have been influenced by the Old French verb deschargier. Assuming that the question means what is discharge as a noun, it can have a wide variety of possible definitions. To begin with it has a very specific scientific meaning which is: 'the conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy within a storage battery'. However, it is usually connected with the verb meaning 'to release, to emit, to cause to be released', and so the noun comes to mean 'that which is released/ a flowing our or pouring forth/ a substance or material that is emitted or released/ a flowing out, a secretion'. Most often in regular usage, the word refers to bodily fluids which are discharged, especially in the context of the vagina, which on a daily basis usually discharges about three grams of dead cells and bacteria. However in some cases the amount of vaginal discharge may increase and become thicker and/ or smelly. This sort of vaginal discharge can be caused by a variety of problems such as vaginosis, thrush, sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, and tampons which the woman has forgotten to remove. Discharge is also the name of a British hardcore Punk band formed in the late seventies by Terry 'Tezz' Roberts and Roy 'Rainy' Wainwright. The band is widely recognised and celebrated for being one of the first to make Heavy Metal Punk music, as well as for mixing the musical genres of Punk with Metal. The band had a career lasting from 1977 to the early ninety's, when in 1991 a new version of the band was formed by Anthony 'Rat' Morris after the success of their 'Live at City Garden, New York City' album. Throughout the band's decade spanning career it has had a large number of different musicians come and go, fulfilling a variety of different roles, most significantly Kevin 'Cal' Morris whose whereabouts are currently unknown . The original band members reformed the band in the early noughties and planned an album for release in 2008. Www.thefreedictionary.com/discharge www.embarasingproblems.com www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discharge_(band)
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Normal, healthy discharge should be whitish and odour-free and almost all women have it. It can be thicker just before your period. If it is not white, smells at all or is irritating then you may have an infection in which case you should see a doctor.

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