Is There Such Thing As An Instant EtG Alcohol Test?


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It really does depend on the context. If you are within the work place then they are completely within their rights to test you if they have informed you of this procedure at your interview or your orientation. If you mean on the roadside carried out by the police then it is highly unlikely and not very practical; not to mention they already have a perfectly fail safe contraption in the form of a breathalyser.

At your school or college, as an educational body, they would have to have informed you that instant EtG tests are part of their practices.  If you are an alcoholic partaking in a rehabilitation programme then they would test you but once again it would be formally told you that those practices are in place.

Even if an EtG test was administered and you were trying to conceal your alcohol consumption, you would need to have been clean for at least 80 hours, or three to four days. The result of the test is not as instant though, as it has to be sent off to a laboratory and cannot be done any other way as the results are accepted in court as valid evidence.

It may be obvious but if you are a professional that is likely to be tested for alcohol consumption, then it would be in your best interest to quit drinking or abstain during your work week, or leave your job and work in a bar. EtG testing has a major failing and it has been found that it is over sensitive to alcohol that has not been consumed but just general exposure to it. So mouthwash hand sanitizers and cleaning products that contain ethanol can also give a false positive and can be conveniently argued in your favour.

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