I Had Severe Abdominal Pain During My Period Accompanied By Diarrhea, Sweating And Vomiting What Does This Mean?


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I get the same symptoms every month, the week before and during the first few days of my period.  This all started after my gallbladder surgery. Severe cramps, chills, diarrhea and discomfort in the upper right quadrant.  I have had bloodwork, ct scans and ultrasounds and the only thing that was found was and ovarian cyst and an extrarenal pelvis on the right kidney.  The doctors think it is all related to hormones.  Some months are worse than others. The week after my period, I am pretty much normal.  As soon as ovulation occurs, I get bloated after every meal, constipated and look 6 months pregnant.  Fiber supplements usually help and a good probiotic.  Try to avoid large, fatty meals. I also have anxiety and panic attacks which make the symptoms ten times worse. I was put on an antidepressant, which I only take 1 to 2 weeks before my period is due and it is a very low dose.  Makes the symptoms so much more bearable.  Hope this helps..
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That is exactly what I get every month although this is the first month I have vomited, usually it's just nausea. I am now 40 years old and my periods have been like this for 7 years now. The months I avoid gluten are not as bad. I've had an ultra scan and according to doctors I'm fine. My mother was the same as me until she had children, she said the pain of having kids was nothing compared to her periods. I'm sorry I can't help but I wanted you to know you're not alone.
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It seems that you had caught bacterial infection for diarrhea during your period. Both are not related to each other, but you can always get other infections, e.g. Bacterial,viral or parasitical infections during your period as you get them during normal days. So don't worry, treat both problems (period pain and diarrhea) separately . Good luck:)

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