When Is Veltam 0.4 Tablet Used?


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Veltam 0.4 is an alpha blocker that is used to treat people with benign prostrate enlargement. It can be used for up to a six month period. Veltam is the brand name for the medicine which is called Tamsulosin.  It can also be useful in reducing blood pressure. It is commonly prescribed for men and women over the age of 40 and it can also have a number of side effects that are not positive.

Some of the side effects people have reported from using Veltam include fainting, dizziness and adverse sex side effects.

  • Problems male users have reported
Men have reported penile erection problems and people taking it for the long term, several months or more, some have reported becoming sterile. A number of men have also reported having their penis stay erect for hours at a time while using this drug. If that happens to you, contact your doctor immediately. If you feel dizzy or feel like fainting at any time while taking this drug, immediately get some rest and if the symptoms do not get better within a reasonable amount of time you should consult your doctor. This drug should never be taken except under the direction of a doctor, and instructions for proper use should always be followed.

  • What to do if you feel unwell because of the drug
If you develop other complications that are more serious, or if you feel ill after taking Veltam, consult your doctor. In a very few cases, people have experienced allergies to the medicine and in that case, your doctor will attempt to find another alpha blocker that you can use to treat your prostrate problems. Prostrate cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men over 50 years of age, so this drug is important in sustaining lives, but like almost all drugs, it does have a number of side effects that will vary from person to person.
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This medicine is used to treat problems associated with enlargement of prostate gland because it is alpha blocker.
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