What Is Menstrogen Tablet?


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Menstrogen is a menstrual induction medicine which is commonly administered as an injection or in tablet form to keep the regularity of menstruation; there are also herbal remedies that can be used to similar effect. The menstrogen injection is a combination of progestogen and oestrogen, which providers of the medicine claim will only be effective if the woman is not pregnant but will not affect the foetus of a woman who is pregnant. It is important to remember that taking any sort of medication should only be done under the instruction of a doctor or pharmacist and adverse affects can result if you do not take this precaution - even though in some places menstrogen may be available over the counter.

The synthetic oestrogen hormone helps the follicle and egg maturation since irregular periods are due to its deficiency. The follicle cannot mature, which leads to a rupture and irregular cycles. It is also used as an emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy if used within 72 hours of unprotected sex. One study in Africa showed 10 per cent of women who self medicated in an attempt to stop pregnancy used the tablet form of menstrogen. It is not really recommended for this purpose, however, and other forms of birth control should be used.
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How many tablets will she take cause I had an unprotected sex with her last night? One or two tablets will be ok I think.
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Pls, I want to know a woman who aborted four weeks fetus, how long will it take for her to be her nomal self again.
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This medicine is used to treat delay in periods due to other than pregnancy reasons.
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From what I read it is estrogen used to induce the menstrual cycle, and the shedding of the uterus lining.

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