Why Is Orgamed Tablet Used And Is There A Chance Even When Hcg Test Show-ve To Become Pregnant?


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Orgamed is a brand name for medroxyprogesterone. It is also sold under the name of Meprate. The drug is basically progesterone which is a female hormone. This progesterone is secreted during a woman's luteal phase. The drug acts as a contraceptive in females who are fertile and is prescribed as part of fertility treatment for women that show an inadequate luteal phase. hSG testing is performed to check the presence of certain antibodies related to the same. The hSG test has been known for false pregnancy results indicating a pregnancy but it is not known if errors occur in showing a person positive. It is important to know weather a person's male partner has been tested for infertility and until and unless the actual cause of infertility is established no particular course of action can be determined.

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