Why Is Gold Often Used In Dental Fillings?


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It used because it does not have the problems of other caps or fillings . It is considered to be harder than most materials used for caps and fillings and will wear better than the other materials. The old reason is that it usually it will not cause allergic reactions or leach poisons into your system like silver amalgam. Here is a site that talks about all the kinds of fillings. Www.colgate.com/app/Colgate/US/OC/Information/OralHealthBasics/CheckupsDentProc/Fillings/TypesOfFillings.cvsp
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Irst, the gold is very inert. Second it reacts very well with mercury to form a metal-metal bond which is called an amalgum. During the time it takes for the full metal-metal bond to form, the mix can be driven into the drilled out area and formed to match up to give a good chewing surface. Once it is hard, it also closely matches the thermal expansion and contraction of the tooth so that a hot or cold meal does not make them pop out of the tooth. It also can be polished to a pleasing
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Gold wears at about the same rate as regular tooth enamel.
Gold expands & contracts like your natural teeth.
Gold is relatively stable and inert; unlike silver mercury amalgams.
A tooth containing gold does not discolor over time.

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