How Long Did You Wait To Smoke After You Had Wisdom Teeth Pulled?


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I was bad about it, I smoked very shortly after that. But, I didn't smoke often. The reason that they say not to is because of the clotting factor. When you smoke, you don't clot as well as you normally would. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I just got a tooth taken out on 6-17 and I smoked 1 the next day and one the day after I'm on day 3 (72 hours after) and I'm smoking normally with no pain but I'm still limiting my sucking motion of it just in case. Ive heard that I'm past the point of dry socket but still really not 100percent. Hope this helps!
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No time is a good time. try to wait at least 24 hours. you could end up suffering from something called dry socket. OUCH good luck
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You don't heal as well and in the 1st 3 to 5 days you can also dislodge the clot with the sucking motion((smoking,drinking through a straw,spitting etc)

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