What Is Dental Acrylic Allergy And Can It Come From False Acrylic Teeth?


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Most false teeth and dentures are made from and acrylic called Polymethyl methacrylate (pmma), prior to manufacture this exists as a powder and liquid that are mixed together to form a dough.
This is then used to produce the base or pink section of most acrylic dentures made today.
Some patients can be allergic to PMMA or some of it's constituents, there are alternative 'PMMA free' denture base materials available.
It is also worth checking that the denture base has been 'cured' or processed correctly by the manufacturer (dental laboratory), as this can sometimes be the cause of any irritation that is then attributed to a 'denture allergy' - dentures that are incorectly processed/cured can leach out small quantities of the 'monomer' or liquid portion of the acrylic material, producing an unpleasant taste, a slight burning sensation and red inflammed gums, some of the classic allergic symptoms.
PMMA acrylic denture bases materials are provided in two forms; one that is 'heat cured' - (it is usually boiled slowly over several hours) to set the dough mixture hard or one that is 'self-curing' - that sets automatically without needing any heating after mixing.
The heat cured version is considered more stable in terms of retaining it's constituent parts and preventing 'denture allergies'.
When dentures are repaired or relined the 'self curing' version is often used for speed and convenience.
Some dentures are made from Cobalt-chrome, (usually partial dentures) some Cobalt-chrome materials contain Nickel or Nickel-chrome, Nickel is a commom allergen.
'Denture sore mouth' or 'denture stomatitis' is a condition that produces red and inflammed gums beneath a dentures surface, this is usually caused by poor denture and mouth cleaning and can be exacerbated by the involvement of candida albicans (thrush) which thrives in warm, moist environments.
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It's not a fun procedure. You should always see if you can slavage your own teeth first before opting for any type of denture. If you have the right endodontist you can think about fixing whatever issue you have in your pulp, and if nothing else can be done, then - well, have the dentures done. 

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