I Am Two Weeks Pregnant And My Stomach Has Been Making Weird Noises. Is This A Pregnancy Symptom?


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Women in the early stages of pregnancy who are experiencing symptoms such as gurgling and other noises, may find this condition to be unnerving, especially for first-time mothers. In the vast majority of cases, this is a normal symptom that may or may not be a symptom of your pregnancy, and nothing to be concerned about.

In most cases, the cause is most likely gas, or it could be something as simple as hunger pains. The key is to know your own body.  If this is something that was common for you before you became pregnant, in all likelihood it is nothing to be concerned with. Some stomach uneasiness and queasiness is normal at many stages during pregnancy and there are a number of over the counter medications that can set your stomach at ease and put an end to some embarrassing situations. 

To help avoid future occurrences, most doctors will agree that the best change you can make to your lifestyle is a better diet. Try to avoid fatty, fried foods, and make every effort to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Just because you're pregnant by no means is a reason to end a fitness regiment, or to start one if you have been lax in physical activity. 

The key to avoid anxiety and embarrassment over those weird noises coming from your body is to know yourself and to not panic. Some of this is normal and to be expected, and any of your friends who have experienced giving birth have had the same experiences and will be more than understanding. You know your body well enough to know when something is not right, and regular visits to your physician will detect if anything is amiss. If something is out of the normal for you, make an immediate appointment with your doctor and he will be able to point you in the right direction.
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This may be a bit late now, but I am pregnant and was asking the same thing to my doctor. Its can be things just moving around, making room for the 9 months coming.or it can just be hormones,  your body is very clever when it comes to things like this, it can handle looking after a baby on its own, supporting, feeding, comforting and making sure nothing goes wrong. So imagen all the things its preparing for. And a heads up if your reading this and your in your early stages of pregnancy, you can start to feel period pains when being around 5-8 week pregnant, this is your uterus stretching, so just thought I'd let you know if you where worried, that it is normally usual, I am 12 weeks pregnant, and it stopped about 2 weeks ago for me. Hope this helps :)
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It could be gas.COULD!

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