Is It A Normal Symptom To Feel Tired And Sick Two Weeks Into Pregnancy?


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A woman starts feeling tired and dizzy after a few days of her pregnancy and this will last for about three to four months.

However every woman has a different body type and body resistance so it basically depends on her body type, for how many months she will feel tired.

The main reason for this being our bodies have started doing extra work when the baby is being formed. All the energy goes in to reproduction of the baby thus making a woman feel tired and dizzy.

Especially during the first three months when our bodies are not used to it. Once the body becomes used to it, the women starts feeling energetic again and feels like doing all the work.
Many women sleep for more than fifteen hours a day during their first three to four months in pregnancy.

Feeling dizzy and sick is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy which women will feel even before she gets her pregnancy test done.

Apart from being tired and sleepy she will also feel sick at times and will be just confined to bed. Many women even lose their appetites and just drink lots of water.

This is one of the reasons why doctors advise bed rest to many pregnant females for the first three months so that they do not have any exertion and just rest.

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