I Haven't Missed My Period But I Feel Pregnant And I Have Been Having A Lot Of Movement In My Stomach And You Please Tell Me What Might Be Going On?


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Stomach movement and an unusual feeling could possibly point to irritable bowel syndrome or if it is a one-off thing it could be something like food poisoning. If it is a case of the latter, it should subside within a few days. However, if this movement continues, it is always best to visit a GP; it is likely they would test for irritable bowel syndrome among other possible causes.

The second thing is to take a pregnancy test; even though you may not have missed a period it is still possible to be pregnant. Some people have light periods throughout pregnancy and, although this is rare, a missed period should not be the only sign to take seriously. In addition to the movement which is being experienced; are there any other symptoms which may suggest pregnancy? For example; changes is weight, tender breasts, changes in appetite, metallic taste in the mouth, extreme tiredness or achy joints. Take a pregnancy test to just make sure that pregnancy isn't the cause and if any of these other symptoms are present visit a GP and ask them to do a test. Most pregnancy tests rely on HCG levels in the body (this is the pregnancy hormone) and if for some reason HCG levels are low; a pregnancy test can still come up as positive.

All in all I would advise a visit to the GP as this is the best and quickest way to put your mind at rest. They will test for anything with the given symptoms and will be able to treat whatever the problem is.
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It is possible to be pregnant and have a period, but it is rare. You may be feeling digestion taking place in your stomach.  However, you should still go see your gyn doctor, because if you are pregnant, you will need prenatal vitamins and prenatal care. However, if you are having normal periods, then chances are, you are not pregnant and you have something else going on.
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So, I had a regular period (which are always pretty normal) on 5-7-10. It lasted a week, and had no problems. I had unprotected sex on the 10th, 13th, 18th & 19th.  I should've ovulated around the 19th-21st. I'm not too sure if it's too early to test, but I want to know. We're TTC, and this will be my 3rd, and I don't remember all of the early symptoms. I've had a little leakage from my breast, I'm tired as heck, my back hurts, and my stomach feels like there's several butterflies living there now. I haven't missed my period yet, it should be here (or not?) on the 4th of June. Just wondering if it's pretty common to have such early feelings, or sensations of being pregnant? Or is it just all in my head?
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I feel like I'm pregnant but came on a period help
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My daughter took a pregnancy test today ( over the counter) and it came up positive but she hasn't missed a period yet. Can the test be wrong could she possibly be pregnant
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I was having signs of being pregnant but since we had our daughter four years earlier and then we were pregnant for our son and had to take 17 shots to help me carry him my doctor said that since I have had so much trouble with the last pregnancy there was NO way I could be, he said my movement in my abdomen was my irritable bowel so I went home.  I finally went back to my dr. And ask that he take a pregnancy test anyway.  He did and on my 32second birthday his office called and said YES YOU ARE.  Well we were all very happy and very surprised and that was the shortest pregnancy I have had.  We all laugh about 35 years later, so you just might be.  Take a home pg. Test and see what it says.  Good Luck whichever way you want it to turn out.
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I feel very wierd had a one day heavy period 28th then almost clear for two days, my stomach feels bubbly with movement that makes me twitch and I have sore lower back and feel tired and have been smelling the most awful strong smells. My friend suggested I take a preg test the first one malfunctioned - taken 1 week after my period the second one said not pregnant even the doctors one came up negative however a friend told me that in early stages the tests can come up negative if not done 1st thing in the morning or if the hcg levels are too low I'm due a blood test in ten days but can't wait that long - am I paranoid and over reacting - I am still only 12 days into my next cycle
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Basically my last period was 11/1/2010,
Ovulation test- I'm 2weeks and 3days  pregnant
haven't missed a period
wot to do!!!
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Go to your doctor duhhh.
if you think you are pregnant..and you feel something moving..why would you sit at home and ask us??
I would go to your doctor right away.

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