Can Ovarian Cysts Stop You From Getting Pregnant?


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Actually it has been proven that once the cyst has been removed by surgery or going away from medicine will increase ovulation which will increase your possibilities of getting pregnant. You should talk to your doctor about prescribing you some type of medicine for your cyst(s) and I believe it will make it easier for you to conceive. Not promising anything because a lot of females are infertile and some are just born that way but having a cyst rupture instead of going away or having it removed can cause you to become infertile.. Or so I read in the packet I had received from the hospital... But GOOD LUCK!
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Well, ovarian cysts normally do not stop you from getting pregnant and having a baby. There have been thousands of such cases where women had cysts and had babies. However, cysts can cause complications that might stop you from conceiving. Appropriate guidance of a doctor is suggested.
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That is what I heard but I hope it is not true....
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No, it's just make your pregnancy difficult and critical because it can cause your ovary and the baby constrict. For the reason that not enough space has been provided due to the growing tumor at the ovary.
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Can any hormonal problems cause you to not get pregnant. I think I have enlarged thyroid, I have a couple hairs growing from my neck and also around breasts..I'm 32 I only have tried for 8 months out of my whole life to conceive but nothing yet
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Had one ovary removed due 2 cysts have cysts on other ovary will I only ovulate every other month
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It depends on the type and size of cyst. Some are benign and others are malignant. Yes clomid is used in such situations. But ask your doctor to take it or not. There are many cases of successful pregnancies with ovarian cyst. Avoid self medication!!!!! You will regret.

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