Should a dentist have to replace a ceramic crown for free if it breaks in half?


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Arthur Wright answered
Only if it was his fault that it broke or a defect in the crown but if you broke it, then your problem
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Karen answered
Yea, right!! How long afterwards did it break? I have known no dentist who fixes anything Free. I still can't find two dentists who will tell me the same answer on which color...white or silver....amalgam is better to use. I am beginning to put Doctors, dentists and politicians along with Vets in the same Screwed up Boat.
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Karen commented
Tell the were eating nothing...only had your teeth in your mouth and swallowed cause your tongue felt better LIE or you will pay.....Lol
Karen commented
My co worker pulled every tooth...$430.00...and had dentures.....that is the cheapest way to keep looking beautiful
Karen commented
No crown will last forever. The key is to take care of your teeth and not eat certain sticky candy, do NOT chew ice or hard candy.
I thanked my gynacologist for making me chew all of that ice. It's all a conspiracy. Lol.....

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