How Long Does Tylenol With Codeine Stay In Your System?


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Tylenol with codeine should not stay in your bloodstream for more than twenty-four hours after you've taken it. However, it will can be present in other parts of your body for much longer than this.

Every person's body will naturally clean itself of any medication, but the time this takes will vary from person to person, and is reliant on a number of variables.

The amount that has been taken, the body's rate of metabolism, and the gender and weight of an individual may have a profound effect on the time it takes for Tylenol with codeine to leave the body.

How long does Tylenol with codeine stay in your system?
  • Tylenol with codeine can be detected within the urine of the patient for anything up to twenty-fours hours after it was last consumed.
  • This medication can be found in the urine of a user for up to twelve hours after the last dose.
  • Mouth swab testing is not used often, but when it is, it can find traces of this medication in the saliva of an individual for up to two days after it was taken.
  • Hair follicle testing can find traces of almost any medication for up to three months after it was last consumed.
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Generally around 48 hours for the recommended dose. Its effects though wear off in about 4 hours.
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If you're talking about a drug test, it's out of your system in 2-3 days. However that doesn't mean the drug's effects last that long.

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