What Is The Average Height And Weight Of A 32 Month Old Girl?


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The approximate height of a girl aged 32 months is 31 inches and approximate weight is 30.8 pounds. This is obviously a very general measurement; within reason, any height is perfectly normal at that age. Hopefully, if a child hasn't been growing properly it should have been picked up by this age as they will have been seen by numerous health care professionals during this period.

Children grow at very different paces at that age, and so don't worry if your daughter is a little smaller than other children at playgroup. At this age, a year makes a huge difference in terms of height although children still tend to be grouped by age. Therefore, if she is one of the younger or older in their group, it should be expected that she would be quite different in height and weight to many of the others.

Ensure your child eats plenty of food as they are growing a lot and need plenty of nourishment. To minimise the risk of obesity, make sure food is freshly prepared and doesn't contain high levels of salt or fat. Give children sweets as a treat and keep fizzy drinks to a minimum. Try and encourage healthy snacks, this will allow your child to get much needed nourishment during the day between meals. Examples could be fresh fruit, dried fruit, cereal, yogurt, seeds, vegetables (carrot sticks) etc.  

If you are confident your child is eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise, you can be confident that you are doing all you can to help them grow into a strong and healthy child. If you are worried about the height or weight of your child, have a word with your GP, they will be able to put your mind at rest.
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The average height (based on a white female) at 32 months is 96cm and the average weight is 14Kg.

Please note this is a world average and such there is a wide range of 'normal' heights and weights above and below these figures.

If in any doubt at all consult your doctor immediately.
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My daughter is 31 months old & weights 26.5lbs & is 36 inches tall and is very well proportioned. I She was a chunky baby when she was born & has thinned out over the months & is now a very active & normal toddler. Her doctor says she is on the low side for her weight but it isn't a concern because she isn't unhealthy or look too skinny. She just looks like a normal kid, some kids have a smaller body structure thats all.
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My 33 month old daughter is 32 pounds and 39 inches tall.
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I've heard of toddlers, at that age, ranging from 21-33 pounds and heights between 30-37 inches
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The average height of a 32 month old girl is about 33 inches and the average weight would be 30.8 pounds.
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My toddler girl is 32 months she weighs 28 pounds and 37in tall she is tall for her age and she is on the little side but she has big fat cheeks but she isn't underweight she is in the normal range
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Well my daughter is 54" tall and she has just turned 32 months.  Is she tall for her age or is this average??

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