What Is Average Height And Weight Of 8 Year Old Boy And 10 Year Old Girl?


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The average height and weight of a boy aged eight are
  • 45 inches or 3 feet, 9 inches.
  • 57 lbs or 4 stone, and 1 pound.
The average height and weight of a girl aged 10 are
  • 51 inches or 4 feet, 3 inches
  • 70 lbs, or 5 pounds.
If these measurements are converted into metric they are as follows:
  • Eight year old boy - height - 1.14 ms, weight - 25.9 kg
  • 10 year old girl - height - 1.3 m, weight - 31.8 kg
All children are different in the way that they grow and there are a number of factors, which can affect their weight and height, as they grow. The height and weight of the child's parents will have a major impact into how a child grows, and what their final weight and height will turn out to be.
Growth spurts can also affect a child's height at certain ages, as every child has these spurts of growth at different times in their childhood.
Newborn babies gain up to 8 ounces of weight in each month after birth, and also grow up to half an inch each month. The weight of a one year old child will normally be triple the weight they were when newborn.
The average height of a fully grown male is 70 inches, 5 feet and 10 inches, whilst the average fully grown female height is 64 inches, 5 feet and 4 inches. A male should weigh, on average, 160 pounds, or 11 stone, 6 pounds, when fully grown, and a female who is fully grown, should weigh an average of 130 pounds, or 9 stone, 4 pounds.
Height and weight of anyone is obviously dependent on a number of factors including the amount a person eats, and the amount of exercise a person takes part in.
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I am 10 and I'm 90 pounds. The reason for that is because I have a lot of muscle + I'm really really tall.
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I can definately help boost the average.  My 8 yr old boy is 4'11 1/2 and 94 lbs
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Wow thats tall. My 10 year old is smaller than your 8 year old. He is 4'7 and 75lbs
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A boy of 8 years of age should have a height of 50 inches or 126.90 cm and his weight should be 55.78 pounds or 25.30 Kg. A girl of 8 years should have a height of 49 3/4 inches or 126.27 cm and her weight should be 54.76 pounds or 24.84 Kg.

A girl of 10 years of age should have a height of 54 1/2 inches or 138.32 cm and her weight should be 71.76 pounds or 32.55 Kg. A boy of 10 years of age should have a height of 54 1/4 inches or 137.69 cm and his weight should be 69.31 pounds or31.44 Kg.
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9000 for the 8 year old and 100 for the ten year old
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My 5 year old boy is 50 inches or 4 ft 2 in. How much should he weigh ? He is very tall for his age.
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For an eight year old boy the average height is 4'3 but my brother is 4'7. The average weight for an eight year old boy is about 5 stone but my brother is 6 stone because he is tall as I said
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Avg. 8 yr. Old boy should be 48 inches in ht. And weigh 58 pounds and avg.10 yr. Old girl should be 54 inches in ht, and weigh 70 pounds
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8 year old boy: 45 inches-50 inches and between 65-73 pounds
10 year old girl: 50 inches-54 inches and between 80-95 pounds
really girls have more weights than boys in age 10 well most girls in my class is heavier than me

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