Can Semen In A Woman's Urine Cause A Positive Pregnancy Test?


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I used to work answering phones for a pharmaceutical company that manufactured pregnancy tests. The answer is no. All urine pregnancy tests look for the level of hcg, which is the pregnancy hormone. When a woman is pregnant the hcg in the urine starts to be detectable as early as the first day of your missed period. Hcg is what the tests detect and what gives you the positive. Depending on the test each test looks for a different level of this hormone. Semen, antibiotics, vitamines, ect... Have no effect on the test.
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OK something's wrong because you can't become pregnant that quick unless you had sex before
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she doesn't mean pregnant from the sex she had just before taking the test, she means she had sex before testing to see if she's pregnant and wanted to know if his fluids would give her a positive result even if she's not actually pregnant.
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Can 2 women have sex with each other?

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