How Far Along Do You Have To Be To Get A Positive Result On A Home Pregnancy Test?


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Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, or hCG, a glycoprotein hormone, is produced in small amounts by the pituitary glands of both males and females of any age.

During pregnancy, however, much larger amounts are produced by the developing embryo shortly after conception and later in the pregnancy by the syncytiotrophoblast, a part of the placenta.

In a pregnant woman, hCG levels should be about 25 mIU, or milli International Units, a standard measurement used maily in medical applications, by 10 days past ovulation, or dpo.

The hCG levels rise exponentially as the pregnancy progresses and by 12 dpo, levels will have reached 50 mIU. After 14 dpo, levels will be at 100 mIU, and so on.

Most home pregnancy tests are able to detect pregnancies at hCG levels between 50 mIU and 100 mIU, although early detection tests with sensitivity levels going as low as 20 mIU are available.

As is the case with any other type of diagnostic product, it is important to carefully follow the given instructions for the product used.

For the earliest possible detection, it is best to use the first morning urine, as hCG levels will be at the highest concentration in this sample.

If this is not possible, urination should be avoided for as long as possible before taking the test, as frequent urination can lead to decreased hCG levels and falsify the result.

If only a faint line is visible compared to the control line, it is possible that the test is positive although hCG levels are still relatively low.

Retaking the test after a couple of days will give a clearer result, as hCG levels double every two days during pregnancy.

Doctors generally recommend taking a test no sooner than the first day of a missed period, placing it around two weeks after conception.
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Ummm I think you need a new doctor. The blood test is 7-10 days from conception maybe a little later if I remember. The urine test can be 3-5 weeks, usually 5! So if you are only 2 weeks a urine will test negative and a blood will test with the blood test you can see how far along you are. I think that is a pretty significant difference. Just saying. I am in the same situation- My husband and I are trying and I am only a few days late so I took the "five days early" one just to be sure. It was negative. I am never ever late and have all the symptoms....I know you can stress yourself out or even make yourself think you are pregnant to delay your period, but we have been trying for 4 months now so I think that would have happened each time! My urine test was negative and I called my doctor and she said that she recommends waiting for a couple weeks after your period before taking a urine test because you may not know or even be wrong on your ovulation dates- so what if you ovulated a week before your wouldn't get a positive for another 3-4 weeks!!! Most places won't do a blood test unless you have a medical history or are probably around 8 weeks. In my case I am having some sever back pain that I would like to take medicine for, but don't want to run the risk in case I am so they are scheduling me one next week.....but who knows the hormone levels can double in a day so maybe I will know before then! I know- waiting is the hardest part!
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I took a test 6 days after missed period and it was neg. Then two weeks later I took 5 test and they where all positive. Sometimes if you trick your mind to thinking you are pregnant you will actually feel some of the symptoms. Try waiting another 2 weeks then take a est or see your doctor if you are unsure.
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You can be pregnant, but then there is that small chance that you arent. Just give it a little more time and monitor your symptoms. Stress can by all means delay your cycle.
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Between two and three weeks, just remember to always take the test in the morning the first time you pee that day and that the farther along you are the more accurate the test is
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You will be able to get the most accurate test results a week after the
date of your missed period. You can get more information by watching
this video: How Pregnancy Tests Work.
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There are home pregnancy tests available. Be careful though to follow the instructions very careful and keep everything very sterile. I have heard many times that these tests can give false readings but primarily due to not being sterile.

You can also go have a test run by your doctor. This method is much more accurate but may be costly if insurance does not cover it.
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Home pregnancy tests can test pregnancy after implantation that occurs 7-10 days after conception. These pregnancy test kits are sensitive to a hormone present in the urine of pregnant ladies called hCG. This hormone is secreted by the embryo after implantation. There are certain levels that can be detected by these kits. These levels are 20-25. An hCG levels 0-5 means no pregnancy. In a pregnant ladies, hCG levels after 2 weeks of conception can be 3-426, so, there are still some chances even on missing of periods on due dates. Six weeks after first day of last menstrual periods, hCG levels in pregnant ladies are sufficient enough to give positive result without and false negative. So, you should get pregnancy test after 5-6 week of first day of last menstrual period.
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I just went to the doctor to get my blood drawn for a pregnancy test. She told me that it is not different from a urine test and you have to be from 7 to 10 days before it shows an accurate test result.. I am only 2 days late so I have to wait about 5 more days then go again....
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The symptoms which you are mentioning are not authentic for pregnancy test because these symptoms can also be due to some other problems. As you have missed periods on due dates, so you can get home pregnancy test. I advise you to get beta HCG test in blood if the periods are further delayed.
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This is in response to the person who said their doctor said the tests are not different! JUST FYI!
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I hear so many commercials that say there are, but from my experience no of them are accurate.  I took many home tests, and even one from the doctors office, and all came out negative, so they had to do blood tests.  That is the most accurate to my knowledge, so if you take some and they come out neg, but you still have symptoms of being pregnant, call your doctor and request a blood test.  Good luck!
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Most time it is best to wait until after you are suppose to start. A lot of test can say negative if done too early.
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There is now a pregnancy test, that is digital and can read if you are pregnant before the rest of them. You may have seen it on t.v. A side note, you are most fertile about 7-10 days before your period.

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