Does Suboxone Affect A Males Sperm And How Will It Affect Trying To Conceive?


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A suboxone is a high dose tablet that used to treat people addicted to drugs. It can also be used to treat people experiencing chronic pain. It has a direct effect on a male as it will decrease a male's libido and make ejaculation much more difficult, if not impossible. If you are trying to conceive it is probably best to wait until your spouse is no longer taking this drug, as it could also have other side effects that are undesirable.

Suboxone also has other side effects. It can cause dizziness and drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, headaches, dry mouth, itchiness, hypertension, and urinary retention. Constipation has also been reported in many cases.

This is also a drug can be used for recreational purposes. Users of suboxone will crush the tablets up and then snort them in order to get high. Users report a pick-up high that is similar to opiates. Due to the high potency of this drug, only a small amount needs to be ingested to get the high the user is looking for. It is known by several street names such as stop signs, box, oranges, sub, and subs. The drug can be dangerous and it is possible to overdose on the drug and it can have devastating long and short-term effects.

Suboxone is also gaining popularity in pain management for animals. It is the preferred method of pain relief for feline animals who are experiencing moderate to severe pain. While it is only registered by the Food and Drug Administration for use in humans, a licensed veterinarian can prescribe it for off-label use in animals they are treating. In the United Kingdom, it is used in the same capacity for dogs and it can be used in a pill form or it can be injected as well.
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My husband was taking suboxone when we decided we wanted to start trying for a baby, it didnt effect us in any way as I got pregnant right away on the first month of trying. So maybe its different for different people maybe the amount of medication the person takes makes a difference but not in our case. We had no problem at all! Healthy happy baby born 9 months later!!! He is now 4 and we couldnt be happier!
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Suboxone is an opioid drug used to treat severe and chronic pain of peri operative conditions and for depression. This drug can cause reduction in the sperm count by affecting meiosis, difficulty in ejaculate and reduced ejaculate and reduced libido. So it is difficult to conceive while on this drug but chances of conception are still there. This drug has no effects on baby if used by the males. For more details, Visit Suboxone.
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I'm having a similar problem my boyfriend can not ejaculate we think its because of the medication, but are not sure the bad part about it is that I have to be on hormones just to get pregnant. So this is like a total waste.
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It very well could but different drugs do different things to different people so really hard to say here on this for ure
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I take suboxone a very low dosage and have problems with reaching climax with my wife. We have sex at least three times a day but on average  nine to ten times a week is this to much I am 32 years old and before suboxone I use to have premature ejaculation problem not any more now I can not finish please help
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Yes it does, if your man can't have sexual intercourse because of Suboxones, how are you suppose to get pregnant????

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