To Enhance Pregnancy At What Time Of The Day Does One Have To Take The Tablet Prescribed Duphaston And NE 400?


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Normally Duphaston is a prescribed drug.

Which means that anybody who has this drug in their possession, should have instructions on how to use it... and shouldn't be asking here. Or can phone their doctor's office if they have lost the paper instructions.

Although it is unlikely to be harmful if taken by people who don't need it, it's best if a trained medical doctor has assessed the woman to make sure.

Typically Duphaston is taken as two 10mg doses, twice a day (once in the morning, once in the evening). Even if dosage increases, it would still be typically for the drug to be taken twice a day. It helps to increase progesterone levels which can solve certain problems that some women have that prevent them from conceiving (in addition to treating other gynaecological conditions)

Other women trying to conceive won't benefit from Duphaston at all, as it can't unclear blocked fallopian tubes or boost sperm counts or sort lots of other problems infertile couples may have. Fertility treatment needs to be tailored to the specific problems a couple are having in trying to conceive. Trying something out if you don't know it's exactly what you need could literally be a BIG waste of time and money.

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