What Is The Treatment Of Vitiligo, Can It Be Cured? What Are The Diet Control For This?


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Vitiligo also called leucoderma. This is a condition in which areas of skin lose their pigments and become white. They grow in size until much of the body is affected. The cause is unknown and treatment is unsatisfactory.
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According to my knowledge there are dozent of different treatment options available for the skin condition vitiligo. But it is depend upon the condition of the disease in patient that which type is better for him.

The following are the possible treatment options for vitiligo skin disorder.

(1)Home Remedies

(2)Alternate treatments
(2.a)Oral therapies with natural Psoralen
(2.b)Topical therapies using natural Psoralen
(2.d)Ayer Vedic

(3)Prescription Medicine
(3.a)Topical steroid therapy
(3.b)Psoralen photochemotherapy

(4)Surgical Therapy
(4.a)Autologous skin grafts
(4.b)Skin grafts using blisters
(4.c)Autologous melanocyte transplants
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