Why Is Diet Coke Bad For You? What Are The Effects Of Drinking It?


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I've always heard rumors about how diet soda is really bad for our health- even worse than regular soda apparently- and that has always confused me?
How is something that is supposed to help me diet actually do more harm?

I did some research into the subject, and I found out that there are some major risks linked with diet coke (and other brands of soda).
But I also found that science still isn't sure exactly why diet coke is bad for us.

Why is diet coke bad for you?
One study suggested that people who drank diet coke were 43% more likely to suffer from heart disease. In fact, a number of sites linked diet coke with several serious illnesses.

The only problem is that none of them could tell me exactly how diet coke is to blame for these problems. All they could say was that 'statistically', people that drink diet coke are more likely to suffer from conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

What are the effects of drinking diet coke? The truth is that no-one really knows exactly how diet coke affects your health.
One suggestion is that people who drink diet coke tend to have an unhealthy diet in the first place.
Why would someone who is perfectly fit and healthy bother drinking a diet drink, right?

People also talk about the fact that diet coke contains really bad 'artificial sweeteners', so I decided to look into that too.

One suggestion that made sense to me is that artificial sweeteners tend to be a lot sweeter than natural sugar. If our body becomes accustomed to this taste, we begin to crave and seek out that taste in the rest of our diet.

The truth about diet soda The truth is that soda is bad for you; whether it is diet or not doesn't seem to make much difference.
There's no figures to suggest that people who drink diet sodas are any healthier than those that drink full-fat versions.

If you're really interested a healthy drink, why not try a fresh juice, fruit smoothies or some ice water?
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It weakens the teeth due to the enamel leaching from carbon dioxide fizz and the acids.

The sweeteners increase sugars and calories intake which can cause diabetes.

The ingredient Aspartame can cause MS and Parkinson's Diease.

High caffeine content can lead to heart and circulation problems.
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Ray Dart
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Aspartame can cause MS? I'll have to check with my daughter - she's never mentioned that in any of her research. Parkinson's I do not know about, but if true that aspartame can cause it, surely it should be banned?
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It is better than Pepsi, I think.
The main effect is that the fizz makes you burp, it can be quite embarrassing.

Jokes aside, it does contain artificial sweeteners, and almost all of these are mildly carcinogenic. (But you'd have to drink an awful lot for it to reach dangerous levels).
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Kristina Lietuvaite
One more thing ? Is it true that it can cause your teeth to go yellow?someone told me this but im nt sure
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I don't think so - here is an experiment you can do. Get a tea (or coffee) stained cup. Rinse it out as best you can, but don't scrape away at the stains. Now, pour in some diet coke, leave for a couple of hours - the staining disappears. Try it again with water - the staining stays. I'm not sure that this really proves anything except that coke MIGHT just keep your teeth a bit cleaner than water.

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