Does The Ab King Pro Really Work?


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There has been a lot of advertising and informercials on The Ab King Pro. I have personally heard a lot of comments on it and I wouldnot recommend it. The thing is its all fad, they show you people with great bodies crediting Ab King Pro for everything. However an exercise machines cannot accomplish it all. There are other things like diet, healthy habits that have their own place. So it does work but is not as great as the TV commercials recommend.
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It does work but if you have lots fatty foods and then hop on to the abb king pro and expect your fat to go you need to be on low cal diet have plenty of warter it worked for me
I used to be 15 stone now I am 8 stone in 5 month so I like the abb king pro
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It does only if you follow a correct diet with correct exercise and correct using from it.

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