Can You Put Vicodin Into Your Rectum And Have A More Powerful And Extreme High Than When Ingesting It?


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Most probably not, as Vicodin is specifically-designed to be administered orally and not anally.

Vicodin is an opiate painkiller that contains both hydrocodone and acetaminophen.

Hydrocodone is the main opiate whilst acetaminophen heightens the effect of the former substance. Vicodin is prescribed to patients suffering from moderate to severe pain.

Putting Vicodin in your anus
  • Usually medication is only administered anally if there needs to be a localised effect on the rectum. It is also advised if a patient is unable to swallow the medication, or is unconscious or vomiting.
  • Anally-administered medication would also be prescribed to reduce vomiting and nausea which can result from undergoing a course of chemotherapy.
  • There are a number of precautions about administering medication anally, especially if it's not designed to be used in that way. Abdominal problems and even cardiovascular issues could become aggravated if medication is administered this way.
  • Using Vicodin this way could also potentially cause tissue irritation or an allergic reaction. If either of these side-effects do occur, then do not administer Vicodin anally again. It may also be wise to consult your doctor.
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You will need to crush it up first. Then very gently sprinkle the dust on the rim of your anus.

Once this is done, take room temperature water and slowly pour it into your anus, allowing the Vicodin to dissolve and flow inward.

Make sure that you have a good mirror set up or ask a friend for help. Good luck.

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