If Alcohol Can Be Found In Hair Follicle, How Much Is Needed To Be Drank. If You Are An Occassional Drinker 2-3 Per Weekend...will It Show?


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Yes, it is true that alcohol and all other types of drugs that you take can be detected in your hair follicles as well as your urine. In fact, it is becoming a much more common way of testing for drugs. For alcohol on the other hand, urine testing is a much more accurate and faster way of testing as it can be done on site without sending the specimen away to a lab for testing.

All drugs and alcohol in your system will be excreted out of your body in a few days through your urine. However it takes a bit longer as it takes more time for traces of the drugs and alcohol to reach your hair follicles. These are located in the sebaceous gland in the epidermis. Therefore the drugs will enter your dermis first and then into your epidermis. From this point it could take up to four weeks for the drugs and alcohol to reach the outermost layer of the epidermis and then it has to be excreted from here. So it could take about over two or three months for all traces of drugs to leave your hair.

However, these tests can sometimes be inaccurate if you wash your hair with products that contain certain ingredients which can throw the tests off quite a bit.

Hair follicles are more accurate when testing a person for drugs but they can sometimes be used to discover alcohol in a person's system. If you drank alcohol less than an average of two months ago, then you may test positive for it on a hair follicle test. Of course, this could all depend on how much you tend to drink. The more alcohol you have in your system then the stronger the positive result will be.
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All drugs including alcohol excreted in few days through urine. But in hair follicle stay long. Because it takes time to reach in hair follicle. The hair follicle is located in sebaceous gland in epidermis. The drugs first enter in to dermis and then in epidermis. From here it takes 4 weeks to reach in outer layer of epidermis. So, excretion of drugs and alcohol takes 90-100 days to be excreted.
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If the test is successful it should show the alcohol that you drank 2 months ago.  However those tests are hard to prove to be accurate because if you wash your hair with a shampoo that contains alcohol it could throw off the test.  
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Alcohol can not be found in a hair follicle, due to the fact if you took Nyquil that is alcohol based so that could throw the test off so thats why if your an alcoholic they should breathalyze you instead of hair follicle testing you.

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