If You Have To Take A Urinalysis How Long Can Alcohol Be Detected In Your System?


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The EtG test is generally used for alcohol urinalysis, it can detect alcohol up to 80 hours after your liver has metabolised the alcohol. The EtG is looking for ethyl glucuronide within the urine sample which is an indicator that ethanol was ingested at least three days from the time tested. 

Old fashioned tests used to detect alcohol, which was more to reflect the current usage of alcohol; it didn’t measure for actual ethanol. EtG can only be detected in the urine when alcohol is consumed and it is important to make this distinction, as it is possible to find alcohol in your urine without actually drinking any of it.

The kind of alcohol that can be found without drinking any of it, is produced by the bladder or can actually be produced in the specimen container through fermentation of the sample if it contains bacteria or yeast or if you have diabetes and your urine has sugar in it. The ethanol in a vitro environment is spontaneously produced, which could be outside a living organism and therefore not metabolised by the liver so EtG will not be produced and can’t be detected, so alas you can’t use that excuse.

Although exposure to products such as vanilla extract, products you use for dental hygiene, such as a mouthwash or over the counter medication like cough syrups and a fair few household cleaning products can produce a certain percentage of measurable ethanol, there are a few challenges to the results of the EtG test based on these findings. So if you suddenly found yourself doing a lot of cleaning recently you may have some conflicting arguments to present.
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If you want to know about ETG testing go to the site for redwood toxicology. They are a prevalent lab that test for many treatment programs. ETG tests for an enzyme in you body that is produces by the ethanol in alcohol and can be detected for up to 80 hours. If you are getting a basic screening for all drugs and alcohol, they are actually testing just the alcohol in your urine, alcohol should be out of your system within 24 hours but more time is always a good idea. My advice is if you think it's been long enough, give it more time..
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Alcohol is not detectable for longer duration because it is quickly metabolized by liver and excreted by kidneys. Within 24 hours of drinking, alcohol is no longer available in the system and can not be detected in standard urine test for alcohol. But one of the metabolite of the alcohol called ethyl glucuronide can stay in the system for 80 hours and can be detected in EtG test.
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I have been involved with the Department of Children Services for the last year and a half and for the state of Oregon they have new testing that Can detect alcohol for up to 8 days now. So to everyone that is trying to pass a UA for alcohol, just be aware that there are new ways for them to test now.
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That depends what you were drinking, how much and how long you have been drinking. Usually 72 hr's on the average for it to get out of your system.
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The 80 hour alcohol test can detect the use of alcohol for what it says, about 80 hours. This is also depending on the amount consumed, length of time over which it is consumed, general metabolism, and liver enzyme activity. It does this because it is not detecting ethanol, it is detecting the metabolites created in the liver from drinking alcohol, as the same with many illicit drugs, alcohol is removed quickly from the body, the metabolites are what remain and are detected for a longer amount of time. Generally use a 3 day buffer for common drugs of abuse. Certain prescription pills can be detectable for 2 weeks after constant use, PCP and Cannabis are the longest usually with around 14-30 days for detection in a constant user. Best idea is to just stay clean and get it over with, especially if you are being tested for a probation parole arena.
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From what I have read, it is not the actual ethanol being detected in your urine that gets you in trouble.  It takes hours depending on the amount consumed, gender, and weight to metabolize alcohol.  It is the Etg they test for that can remain in the urine for up to 4 days that indicates alcohol was consumed within the past few days.  Just use a safe zone of about 5 days.  Chug water and pray for clean piss.
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Basically, it takes 1 hour for every alcoholic drink imbibed to be expelled from the body. Meaning, if you drank 6 drinks, it would take at least 6 hours for it to have left the system. There are stipulations to this, however, depending on metabolism and size of drinks. One drink equals: one beer, one 1oz shot, one 8 oz mixed drink, one 4 oz cocktail, or 1/3 of a martini. If your metabolism is slow, add 15 min. to every hour per drink.
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Don't you believe it - Ask anyone who is dealing with a DUI. This is a false sense of security established by the authorities to give you a feeling of safety and tolerance. One drink is too many. They will get you. Whatever you do - if you have had a drink and been pulled over - If the cop asks - You have NOT had anything to drink. Admitting it, even "one" beer gives them probable cause to test you.

You WILL lose. DUI's really suck
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If I drank 13 or 14 beers and stopped drinking at 630pm and took a urinalysis at 1030am and peed a
lot during drinking like every 20 minutes and drank 2 12oz of grape juice a pot of coffee and about 1 quart of water I am 6ft and weigh 180 and had 16 hours between what are my chances of passing a ua and it was light beer
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Alcohol passes through the system so quickly, you would almost have to show up for the test drunk for a test to come up positive for alcohol. Depending on the amount consumed, it can take up to 24 hours to be completely out of your system.
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Alcohol is only detectable for 72 hours in an ETG test, which tests only for the presence of alcohol. Alcohol is out of the system within 10-12 hours. 24 hours at the most,(depending on the amount consumed)  with regular testing.
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A lot depends on the amount of use, length of use and quality of the substance used. Alcohol is fairly clean and burns quickly, as such in most instances this burns off in approximately 24 hours depending of the quantity consumed. Cocaine is not so clean and can takes weeks to dissipate and be cleansed from the system. If you use a lot and the more you use and it's quality will be factors in how long it will take to leave the system. There are things that can be done to help in this cleansing but time is the only real factor, the longer the better.
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It depends how much beer/alchohol you have....1 shot or I beer takes 1 hour to do that process through your live I think its called oxidation...but when you overload it takes a lot longer its around a week.
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You wont pass ot, no chance. Alcohol can be detected in your system the past 72 hours, doesnt matter how fast you can fast a Breathalyzer, one beer will be in your system and you will test positive for alcohol for 3 days

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