What Is An Abortion?


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It Means Getting Rid Of The Baby In Your Stomach
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An abortion is when you terminate a pregnancy while the baby is a fetus it usually takes place froma bout the time the person knows there pregnant to about 6 months...
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This was a pretty good unbiased opinion too. But these are just nice ways of saying murder (except when it's a miscarriage).
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They give somekind of stuff to you and it kills the baby its sad
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 is an abortion caused by medicine. It can only be done in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. The medicine used for medical abortions is called mifepristone
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The oxford dictionary has stated abortion as a deliberate bringing to an end of a human pregnancy. In other words it is a termination or even an end to a pregnancy. This act is done before 20 weeks of gestation. Another word for abortion is miscarriage which is very much spontaneous. The two ways to terminate pregnancy as in abortion is medical or therapeutic.

Some of the terms used for abortion are spontaneous abortion, which is also known as miscarriage. This abortion is when it occurs due to natural circumstances. Another type is induced abortion in which it has been deliberately induced. The next type is therapeutic abortion, by which it is done in order to save the life of the mother (pregnant woman) or also maybe because of reasons of mental or health problems.

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