How Bad Is Meow The Drug Bad For You?


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I have tried meow meow (bubble) and thought it was brilliant at first until it started to wear off and I started to panic, my heart was beating faster than ever before, I thought of trying it again but after hearing all the story's of young people dying it made me realise how stupid I had been n that I wouldnt touch the stuff ever again in my life as I have a daughter to think about and hate the thought of her possibly losing a mother over this stupid and disgusting drug that everyone thinks is great. PLEASE!!! People need to realise that this drug is destroying peoples lives and families, stop taking it!!!!!
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I think it is bad but not for the obvious reasons like it turns your organs inside out, makes your teeth drop out and gives you heart attacks and strokes.  It is because it is very very very pleasant indeed, and cheap and available - it is in fact just like Soma ( Brave New World by Aldous Huxley ) and like Soma its danger is that it just takes you on a holiday whenever you want.  A lovely holiday with fewer and fewer inhibitions and everyone is smiley and sexed up and beautiful.  And you want more.  And more and more...   And you get a bit confused and lose track of time and memories and responsibilities, because you can just go on lovely holiday.  

But the hard truth is the world won't function if we all go on holiday all the time.

Seriously - this drug is a social time-bomb. The Politicians & press spread lies about it being responsible for people ripping their testicles off or kids having strokes because they are afraid of the truth and how to say that this is a great drug which is why you shouldn't take it.  And don't believe the thing about it being a fertilizer.  It is made in Pharmaceutical Laboratories not chemical factories. The 'Plant Food' thing is just a cover for the dealers..

Mine has gone down the toilet..
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Well it can't be that bad, I think it depends on what person you are? I had a big session on it with 5 of my friends, until 9am! I couldnt stop smileing, and felt the best buzz ever! One of my friends looked f'cked like he had a stroke, but hes just a wreck head! Anouther friend was very confused, and 2 of them wer skipping around dancing thinking they wer fairys! Best drug I have taken, once in a while can't do much harm!?
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I'm a 17 year old girl who unfortunately was dumb enough to gain experience to this. Luckily, I found the brains to stop !
Although meow may be a good buzz, there are many risks, people don't know 'exactly' what it is yet, but I do know it makes your heart rate speed up rapidly within a short space of time and can cause heart attacks.
A young girl was found dead on my estate from taking this drug, she died from a heart attack.
I would urge anyone who is thinking about trying it, or who is currently doing it reguarly to stop. This could happen to anyone and it could be you, or your friends.

I know this doesn't really answer your question, but after the death I'm doing my best to stop people trying this drug.
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I've taken mcat. I've never had any problems with it but I know ppl who were and still are addicted to it. It can ruin lives. It all depends on what kind of person you are. As any drug it has side effects. And I know different people have different levels of effects. There are a lot more dangerous drugs out there like acid, ghb and ketamine. I used to take it every weekend as it was 'Friday' then it was Thursday then Wednesday and before you know it, you are dependant on getting the next gram. But for me I just take some at the accessional rave. Same with Mandy. In moderation surely it's fine?

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It's like Inviting death.

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Meow does give you a buzz to much of it make you ill I know that, yeah its good like good laugh but people don't realise how much it effects you. So I'd advise you all to stop it as I have now for my new years resolution :)

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