What's The Smelly Thick Vaginal Discharge?


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Aisha answered
Definitely you must be worried about this. It seems like a kind of Sexually transmitted disease or a urinary tract infection. You must go to the doctor at once and get it diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.
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Lynn Perie answered
That could be many possible things including the mild STD chlamydia, an infection etc. You need to visit any doctor who can test you for whatever it is that ails you.
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Odorless discharge with no additional symptoms like itching, or burning while urinating, is normal. Clear, white, thick, even elastic discharge is quite common just before and after your period. But it never hurts to talk with your doctor if you are concerned.
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jamie simmons answered
It could be a yeast infection or if it has a smell it could be bacterial vaginosis.also, if you are sexually active it could be an std.you need to go to the doctor just to be on the safe side.
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Latisha Marieee answered
You should not be tooooo worried..
This seems to be verrry normal as I have the same issue around my period time you should try douche-ing in really works and they come oin all kind of great scents

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