I Taking Clomifene Tablets IP 100mg 5days After My Cycling . Is That The Right Way?


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My Shocking experience! I purchased 90 bills of "Serophene 100mg" on 10 Feb 2010 from the website "pliisgreathow.com" with Customer support number of +1 (650)452 6975 and it cost me AU$198.98 +shipping. 5 days later, I received a packet, after initial excitement, I was supervised to see the Packet is  from "India" and just "India" without further address details. Inside the packet, it contains 90 little brown pills and labelled as "Clomifene IP 100mg" as well as "CLOFI-100". But the most shocking thing was that there was no any information sheets, no papers, no notes and no any booklet at all, just pills. Even a month passed by now, I have received nothing. I doubt the bill's reliability. I searched on Google on the same day when I received this "Malicious" packet. I saw a Website Evaluation and announced that "pillsgreathow.com" was created only on the 10 Feb 2010 for 1 day, and it is no long exist. There is no proper document on the web that you can find information about "Clomifene IP 100mg" or "CLOFI-100". However, you can find a lot of information about "Clomiphene IP 100mg" or "CLOPHI-100". So I am seeking answers from those customers who had same experience as I am who has been cheated by this Deceptive Advertising. We should team together, find these cheaters and taken them to the justice and recover the financial loses. I look forward to hear from you. Lilly, Perth, Australia

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