Does Your Throat Get Tight When You're On Meth? Is It Normal To Feel A Large Bump When You Swallow?


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Throat problems have been reported by a number of meth users, although the reasons for their occurrence are varied.

My throat gets tight on meth
'Meth throat' is a term used by frequent users to describe the sensation of tightness and irritation that can occur following a meth binge.

The most probable explanation is simply that your throat is not accustomed to (or designed for) coming into regular contact with chemical fumes.

If you smoke meth, what you are actually doing is inhaling chemical fumes. They can be corrosive and harmful to your airways, and may cause irritation or swelling (especially true of frequent use).

Throat problems after taking methamphetamine
If your throat is feeling a little funny after taking methamphetamine, rest assured you're not alone.

The web is full of drug forums in which meth-users complain that they've been smoking meth (for 3 days straight) and are worried about the discomfort they are experiencing in their throats.

What's even more unbelievable is that a lot of these users then start asking whether they've caught some sort of disease from a colleague or co-worker.

In extreme cases, you get people asking whether the discomfort they're feeling is due to throat cancer.

If you're one of these people, the truth is a lot closer to home!

Smoking methamphetamine will damage the lining of your airways and lungs.

If you don't want to suffer, simply but down your meth pipe and stay clean.
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Bodily reactions to meth: Inhaling smoke, dehydration (lack of liquids), allergic reaction.

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