When Your On Meth Why Does Your Throat Swell?


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The swelling in the throat which occurs after a person has taken meth is caused by a chemical called anhydrous ammonia, which is a significant ingredient in meth. It causes swelling in the throat because it is an irritant, and is not considered safe for consumption.

So what is anhydrous ammonia?

  • Anhydrous ammonia is often used as a fertiliser
  • It is considered highly dangerous

What are the effects that it has on the human body?

  • The swelling of the throat, if severe enough, can lead to asphyxiation
  • Ingestion or inhalation of anhydrous ammonia causes dehydration
  • It can burn and blister the throat mouth and nose
  • Large amounts can be deadly
Although the swelling of the throat can often be attributed to anhydrous ammonia, it could also just be caused by general irritation from inhaling other chemicals within the meth formula.

Taking meth also lowers the immune system, so you may be more susceptible to illness, and sensitive to irritation. Whatever the cause, it isn't good, and the only way to alleviate the symptoms is to stop taking meth.

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