How Much Meth Do You Have To Snort To Get High?


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How much meth you have to snort to get high will depend on a number of different factors - such as how much and how regularly you use meth and the quality of the substance.

How much meth do you have to snort to get high?
Some people will not need to snort as much to get high as others, but here are some approximate guidelines:

  • Threshold: 5mg
  • Light stimulation: 5 - 15mg
  • Common dosages: 10 - 40mg
  • Strong dosages: 30 - 60mg
  • Very strong dosages: 50 + mg
When snorting meth, it should only take between five and ten minutes before you feel the effects of the drug. The high will last approximately three hours, and the come-down could be as long as six hours.

  • Methamphetamine works by accelerating the production and stopping the re-uptake of dopamine in the brain.
  • Dopamine is a naturally-occuring substance that is responsible for feelings of reward, motivation, euphoria and pleasure.
  • Because of its effects on the reward system of the brain, methamphetamine has the potential to be highly-addictive.
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Depends on a couple different factors i.e quality and type (Lithium or Crystal) and also length of time the person has used the drug.

Must I emphasize to you that Meth is a very harmful drug? All illegal drugs are harmful, but Meth is very very addictive so if the person in question is your "friend" make sure before she experiments or gets high, that you clue her in to the downside of snorting Methamphetamine.

$20 buys a 1/4 gram - if half of that is snorted she will be high if the quality is good.

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