My Abdomen Hurts, Am I Pregnant?


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Slightly Hurt
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If you are having unexplained pain in your abdomen then you should see a doctor instead of waiting to find out what it is. Pain in the stomach area can be caused by many things and should not be taken lightly. It could be as simple as you have eaten the wrong thing or a pulled muscle. I am not a doctor so see a doctor. That said here is "one" only one of many possible causes for stomach pain .
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I'm 15 and I had sex a week ago and ive had stomach pains lately for two days I'm I pregnant?
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No but there is an organ and I forget the name but you just have to have it removed but only if it really hurts!
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The pregnancy is suspected only when a lady miss a period after having sex on ovulatory days. All other symptoms including abdominal pain like you are having are not authentic signs and symptoms of pregnancy. If you have missed periods then go for pregnancy test.

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