My Period Came Two Weeks Late, But I Have Bad Cramps, Could I Still Be Pregnant?


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Although the occurrence of a regular period is usually a common sign that a person is not pregnant, there are cases where people have periods in the early stages of pregnancy.

Cramps are a common sign that a person may be pregnant; however, these can also be linked with usual period pains. There are many other signs to consider with the possibility of being pregnant. Such examples include the complete missing of a period, nausea or vomiting, soreness of breasts, more frequent urination, unusual cravings, changes in libido, etc.

Not all people react to pregnancy in the same way, however. It may be the case that a person doesn't show the usual signs of pregnancy and so, is unaware of the situation. This doesn't mean to say the person is definitely not pregnant.

If it's possible that a person may be pregnant, whether they show common signs or not, it is highly advisable to take a pregnancy test. These are available cheaply at any pharmacy and are highly accurate.

Another method of getting an accurate assessment is to consult a medical professional. These can be blood tests, ultrasound detection and other methods of testing for pregnancy in order to gain an accurate reading, rather than allowing the analysis of what is considered to be normal human responses to pregnancy to judge whether the person is pregnant or not.
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Delay in periods can be due to pregnancy but many other conditions can also cause this delay. Cramps are common in ladies before start of periods especially when they are late. These cramps are due to increased levels of prostaglandin that are produced to cause contractions in the uterus to destroy and shed uterine linings during periods. When periods are late due to any reason except pregnancy, uterus is hyper transformed due to long progesterone phase. So, to shed lining of uterus, more prostaglandin is needed that can cause excessive uterine contractions and cramps.

Now 6 weeks are gone after your last menstrual period and it is ideal time to get pregnancy. So, get pregnancy test which is one possibility and if test is negative then visit a doctor for diagnosis of other causes.
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I had the same problem, mine came 2 weeks late also. When it came it was super light and bright pink.I thought I was pregnant, My husband and I was trying to conceive our second baby but I have been having really bad cramp, emotional, and very irritable. I guess if you are trying to conceive keep trying and good luck to you and your partner.
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My period came two weeks later but light I go to the restroom every time to see but theres no bleeding in my pad I wipe and its light my breasts feel sore I became moe hungry than usual iam that type of girl who hardly eats I get headaches, a lil bit of cramps backaches and I feel and look bloated last Thursday I had a fever I have constipation I seriously don't know whats wrong !

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