Could Mold In My Walls Effect My Baby's Reason For Crying In Pain?


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Mold can be very dangerous if left untreated can cause numerous health issues please please get it sorted as soon as possible it can lead to allergies, digestion problems breathing problems the list is endless. Don't know your living situation i.e renting/homeowner if you are renting get the landlord out asap they are legally bound to ensure the house is in a habitual condition if homeowner maybe try and raise the funds for someone to come and have a look. Good Luck
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The molds produce spores. These spores are present in air and can produce molds if they get moist environment. These molds can cause many health problems like respiratory and digestive problems, allergic reactions etc. The treatment is possible when  proper arrangement of ventilation are made. Also check the leakage of water at home and correct it. For more information, visit Black Molds.
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Move out now. Mold growth is highly dangerous and causes several breathing, head problems. Move out.

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