Can Mold In The Walls Of A Old House Make You Sick?


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You Betcha, and there are regulatory rules regarding MOLD Do not stay in that house, if a rental tell the management, they have top by most state laws remove the mold or let you keep your down payments and move out without any hardship on you for breaking a lease. For heavens sake do not risk your family's health because you have no guts....This stuff can and will kill, especially infants, and the elderly if they come down with some breathing difficulties. Run do not walk to your city hall or library or mold removal companies and ask them what the rules are.....good luck, and in the meantime use bleach and water to wash mold - wear rubber gloves, and get rid of rags used immediately. Then keep spraying Lysol,, and diluted bleach where mold first appeared.
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Yes there is a certain type which name escapes me at present but is highly toxic and can induce fatigue nausea and diarrhea

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