Is Anesthesia Harmful During Early Pregnancy?


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I had a procedure done through the mouth and had some biopsy's taken when I was about 2 weeks pregnant and didn't know. They gave me mild, general anesthesia, in fact I was only under for about 30 Min's or so, but they also ran some antibiotics thru my IV before my procedure. I just found out at 6 weeks that I am pregnant and very worried this is going to have bad affects on the baby. How dangerous is this and how worried should I be? Thanks.
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There are some risks with anesthesia but your Dr would not advise you to do something if it wasn't safe for the baby.
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The problem is, i'm not sure if i'm pregnant or not. Its too early to tell since my period isn't due until the 12th.
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The best thing to do is talk to the Dr about it. He most likely will do a pregnancy test. Since there is a possibility you are pregnant it is routine before any type of anesthesia or surgery. Just remember them if you have to do this before the 22nd (which is when I advise to do a pregnancy test) let them know you may be pregnant.

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