If my blood type is 'a rh (d) negative' and my husbands is 'o positive' will this affect our chances at becoming pregnant or affect the babys or my health during the pregnancy?


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Sarah Johnson answered
My aunt is rhesus negative and her and her husband had 5 kids super easy. When you are having sex there's no blood mixing so it's not a problem. My aunt had to take an injection before she had the baby though so that antibodies didn't attack the baby, just like Amie said.
Tori Utterback Profile
Tori Utterback answered
If you are rh negative and the baby is rh positive, you will need to have RoGam injections. Just because you are rh negative, it doesn't decrease the likelihood of you getting pregnant.
Amie Angela Profile
Amie Angela answered
I am also rhesus negative! Pretty sure it wont affect your chances of getting pregnant, didnt with me! I did end up having a miscarriage but that was nothing to do with my blood type. Just bad luck :( but I do know that you might have to have an extra injection at some point during the pregnancy to stop the antibodies attacking the baby. But think that might only be if your partner is rhesus positive. But your midwife will know this as soon as they know you are rhesus negative! :) xx

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