Does Duphaston Give A False Positive Pregnancy Result?


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The duphaston contains dydrogesterone which act like a natural progesterone. It can not give false positive results for pregnancy. Because pregnancy test is done by measuring HCG levels in urine and Beta HCG levels in blood. While Duphaston will show up in urine in the form of its own metabolites not HCG. It is possible that you took duphaston for cycle irregularities due to progesterone deficiency, during the treatment you got pregnancy.
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Hello doctor ,
I'm ana and my doctor gave me to take duphaston 10 mg twice a day  because I can gat pregnant . My answer is . Why I'm takening duphaston when mt period are regular  every 29 day and normaly and when will I gat  pregnant now or when I stop takening piluls .I'm takeing for 7 days .
Thank doctor
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No, taking of this medicine will not affect pregnancy test in either false negative or false positive way.
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Iam on tab premarine and tab duphastone as a treatment for early menopause, but I am confused that whether it will cause pregnancy or not
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Hello there,
I took a pregnancy test and showed weak +. I think because it's early days, maybe only 10days from conception. How safe is to take Duphaston now?
In the 1st pregnancy I was prescribed Ustrogestan.
Thank you xxx A. Wa

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