How Common Is It To Get A False Positive On A Digital Pregnancy Test?


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As long as you make sure that you read the instructions that the test gives you, you should not have a false positive reading. There are mistakes that can easily be made and therefore it is not comment to have a false positive reading on a digital pregnancy test that is going to be the fault of the test itself. Ensuring that you do everything properly will give you the most accurate results. As false readings are not common when the test is done correctly, you may want to make sure that you have followed the guidelines and that the test is right by doing more than one. This is going to put your mind at rest and you will find that you have the best results possible. As all pregnancy tests are designed for woman that come from all backgrounds and are all different ages, you can be sure that the test is not going to be complicated and therefore you should not make any mistakes if you do everything carefully and properly.

Whether you want to be pregnant or not, you are going to have to do a test to put your mind at rest and to ensure that you know the answer. The more common mistakes that occur with digital pregnancy tests are the test coming up with a negative reading when it should be positive, you are less likely to have a false positive reading and therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that the test is correct and that you have the right answer. If you are expecting to be pregnant or not you will need to know to the question so you can deal with your new found situation accordingly. Ensuring that everything is done correctly and that all guidelines are followed is going to give you the best results!
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I got 2 "pregnant" readings with a digital test. And a negative from the doctor's urine test. 4 days later I am having my period. I think the digital tests are a waste of money.
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I took two digital test. One said positive and then one said negative. I went to the doctor and they said it was negative as well and wants me to come back in a week to make sure. I took a traditional test today and it was negative as well.
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Yes, if the urine stream was accident\tly contaminated.
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Sounds like pregnancy to me , if you are congratulations and blessings to you both and your joyful gift! Mary
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I may be wrong, but I've heard it's more common to get a false reading on a digital test than a conventional one...If you are ever faced with the same situation, take a conventional test and calculate those results along with a digital if you prefer. I assume they performed an ultrasound in the ER to be sure...
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I took 2 digital test (clear Blue) and both read not pregnant but still no period only 2 days late but I took a normal test and I got a blue line and a faint blue so I thought if I got the digital it would be accurate and easy to read,not so sure about that. We have been trying for 4 months now so I'm going to buy the other kind and see what it reads
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It is not very common as long as the directions are followed very closely. Many times when people get false readings, they may have inadvertently missed something or possibly not been as clean as they should have in getting the sample.

I would think that you were somewhat relieved to find that you were not pregnant. That is assuming you did not want to be. It may have hosted the ER visit and copay but saved you the heartache of bearing an unanticipated child

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