Does A 16-year Old Girl Have Any Legal Rights To Her Unborn Child?


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This is your your daughters baby but at sixteen she is not classed as an adult and it may be that you provisionally until she turns eighteen have a legal paper in place to guardian this child but to get the best advice here you need a solicitors advice I think the first hour may be free good luck
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It is her baby and that gives her many legal options. Unfortunately, it's a complicated system, because she is still legally under your jurisdiction. Imagine it like the system of government; federal  and state. You are the federal; you control the bills, the healthcare, and while she, as a mother and the state, can demand certain things of and for her child, you, until she is 18, can still override them. I believe one of her rights is the right not to be coerced into giving up the baby...Here is a statement I found while researching:
Minors who are pregnant and/or have a child/children have the same custodial rights as an adult.
A minor cannot be forced to obtain an abortion, relinquish parental rights, place the child for adoption and so forth unless a court rules otherwise.
Young mothers who are in need of assistance should contact their state's department of family and children's services.
They can also receive assistance with legal, medical and other issues through Birthright, or toll free 1-800-550-4900.
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As a 16 year old parent do I have the right to make her have an abortion

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