I Had A Two Days Late Period, Little Brown Discharge, Dull Pain Belly. Am I Having A Baby?


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Brown discharge could be an old blood.  It can also mean infection.  Usually not though, get it checked out if there is a fowl smell to it.  It maybe a yeast infection.
The only way to find out if you are pregnant is to take a test.  Good luck.
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If you haven't been using contraception and your period was late then unusual you could try testing for pregnancy but if you were using contraception then it's likely just because your period was late but if your still in pain go see your gp for swab tests done for infection take care
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Sometimes the periods are latecomer so don't be worry because it is normal occurrence.
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I don't think you prego but it never hurts to go to your family doctor or take the test it helps a lot!!!! Trust me
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It might not be that you are pregnant, it could just be that you period is late. The only one sure way to know is to take a pregnancy test.

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