I Am Having Meprate For 5 Days No Periods,pregnancy Test Negitive,little White Discharge Is Coming,reply Early, Am I Pregnant?


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While we are not a medical authority, we do urge that you seek a professional GP's advice regarding this issue.

  • Usually 'Meprate' is used in the treatment of endometriosis, which can account for no periods.
Given the information you have provided it is definitely important that you seek medical advice. White discharge can be a result of many things and it does not mean you are pregnant or not pregnant.

There are sometimes false negatives with pregnancy tests for women. There is no medical reason for why it may be a false negative other than the antibodies used to detect pregnancy may not be showing up in the urine for some reason. Again we are not a medical authority, so this information is just to help you prepare for a doctor's visit.

It is better that you visit a doctor and allow them to do their own medical test for pregnancy. The results will also be confirmed based on your medical history and the information provided.

A GP is qualified to provide an answer to this question as we cannot. Remember that there are many issues that can cause periods to stop. There are also reasons for different types of period. Not all of these reasons are linked to pregnancy. There can be something wrong, not just related to pregnancy. This is why it is highly necessary to ask a GP what is really happening to you. They can determine what is really going on medically where this site and anyone else answering your question is unable to. It is best to seek medical help from professionals to avoid any detrimental health issues.
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I have taken meprate for 10 days but no periods after one week why
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Hi There, Only way to be sure is to get a blood test and talk with your doctor. Good luck!!
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Hey you r not....don't worry...you may get periods within 5 to 7 days after your last dose..I was also given the same...
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Tablets of meprate does not prevent pregnancy because these tablets do not contain enough medicine that can cause central suppression needed to suppress ovulation. Injection form of the active ingredient of this medicine can be used as contraceptive.
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No you r not.. Meprate is given for you to get you periods
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Hi Saajiv

Meprate causes withdrawl bleeding. Ie. Periods resume between 3-7 days of the last dose. You can wait till 7 days from your last dose. Meprate itself does not induce menstural bleed

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