My Lips Are Turning Blue - Why ?


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First I am not a doctor . I would go and see a doctor  this could mean a problem with your lungs ,heart or a blocked artery which could go as far as causing a heart attack. This is nothing to mess with. My neighbor went after a attack like this and they found the main artery in her neck was almost all the way blocked off. Again I am not a doctor but I would not wait for a second episode. Later
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If you are exposed to cold environment then it is normal. If not then it can be due to inadequate supply of blood to the head region, anemia, smoking, lung disorder, heart disorder, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and many more. I advise you to visit a doctor for differential diagnosis and treatment. For more details, visit Blue Lips.
Perhaps there is a lack of oxygen ascending to the brain.♥
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Rayo, is usually very good with this type of advice. If you need a second opinion, I would really take this advice and see a Dr.

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