Can You Swim While Pregnant?


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Yes you can. Swimming is great exercises for you and the baby. Any doc will tell you to exercise regularly w/o straining or over doing it of course. However when you get to the later stages it is not recommended for sanitary reasons. A lot of women will begin to dilate early in the third trimester and for that reason it isn't safe to be in treated/public waters.
Swimming is great exercise for you prior to delivery and the water allows the "kangaroo pouch" as I call it to flow weightlessly thus relieving muscles n your back & legs.  I would not swim in lakes, canals or the beach but a clean chlorinated pool should be good for you.
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Yes you can. Not in the later stages but you can swim without exerting too much pressure. It is included in the initial exercises and you can consult from your doctor as well.
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I'm sure you can, but you will just have to be very, very, very careful when you do.
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Yes, it is safe to swim while you are pregnant. Swimming is a great exercise because it uses your whole body without putting a lot of pressure on your joints.
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Yes of course! Swimming is good especially for pregnant. Actually, its the best exercise. During my wife's pregnancy, I enrolled her into a swim workout class and it really keeps her and our baby healthy.
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Yes you can swim but not doing laps or anything. Just have a floaty near by and relax do not think you can do breast strokes, back strokes & ect.

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